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Exclusive Marketing Tips for the Time-Starved Small Business Owner

If you're like many small business owners, you’re scrambling from one task to another—sales, day-to-day operations, paying bills, marketing, collecting money, or simply trying to eke out some quality time with your family and friends.

We know. We've been there and done that. And we found simple ways to get past the scramble to that next level of business success.

We share those with you every week in the Small Business Rainmaker. Sign up at the right to get advanced tips and strategies that I only share with our newsletter subscribers. (It's free.)

You get expanded how-to tips like these that go into much more detail than you'll find on our blog:

  • 1A Biker Gang Sipping Shirley Temples Teaches Marketing 101
    A true story demonstrates the failure, and awkardness, of not knowing your ideal customer.
  • 2Marketing Lessons from a Celebrity Cab Driver
    How I learned more about marketing in one trip with a savvy cab driver than I could from most business coaches in a day.
  • 3How to Get Steady Sales Growth Using Your Biggest Asset
    The problem is many business owners don't even know what their biggest asset is. So how on earth can they use it?
  • 4Marketing Tactics That Eliminate Price Competition
    This simple two-pronged approach will make price cutting a thing of the past.
    • 5The Single Most Important Question to Steer Your Business
      If you don’t have the answer to this question, you’ll never get the success you’re looking for.
    • 6Do You Overlook This Vital Fact About Your Clients?
      Stunning statistics show how much we lose by underestimating the purchasing power of our current customers.
    • 7Are You Making These Two Lead Generation Mistakes?
      9 out of 10 companies think their lead generation is ineffective. Here's why their efforts don’t work and how to fix it.
    • 8A Direct Mail Technique that Doubles Response Rates
      It's so simple that almost every business owner misses it. But it works, time after time.

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The marketing tactics you shared with me took our small family-owned restaurant from zero at startup to well over $1 million annually. Honestly, I never expected to get to that level or do it so quickly. Our accountant even commented on how well we were doing for a new venture.

The best part is we did this on a shoestring budget, with no expensive newspaper or magazine advertising. And I manage to do it all in-house, with a personal computer and a small desktop printer.

Thanks a million...literally!

Pat Palko
- Founder, Portofino Italian Grill, Titusville, FL