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animated logo maker and intro maker

Create Custom Animated Logos, Intros, and Live Action Shots with This Online Video Editor

If you’re reading this, you’re already convinced of the need to produce new, fresh, and exciting video content for your business in the coming year.

I’ve been making short videos for our businesses for years because video marketing works really well. I’m also a bit of a geek about collecting any kind of video production tool to make it easier or better, and I’ve collected many.

This online video maker, however, is one of a kind, which is why I want to share it with you.

There are plenty of online video templates out there, but this is the only one I know of that can take your logo or graphic and incorporate it into live-action video scenes.

I’ll show you what I mean in the three animation video examples below.

The first clip shows animated logos in live action scenes. The other two video samples show logo animations in 3-D graphical formats.

Take a look, then continue reading below for more details on how this animated logo creator works.

(It’s not just for logos either, as you’ll see in the examples. Be sure to view them in full screen mode!)

Live Action Animations with Your Logo or Graphics


Logo Animations - Video Examples 1


Logo Animations - Video Examples 2

Challenges to making high-quality videos

If you create videos, or have tried in the past, you might have run into the following problems.

You need video making skills

I started with the woefully inadequate Windows Movie Maker and quickly moved into Adobe Premiere with After Effects. It was a LONG learning curve and it’s not very intuitive. Yes, you can create almost anything you can imagine, but you need to develop skills to use it successfully.

Our Rainmaker Video tool eliminates the need for skill. If you can upload an image or photo and enter a few lines of text, you have all the skill you need. The online video editor creates the animated video and renders it in minutes.

It takes time to make good, visually appealing videos

If you’re producing a lot of video content, or want to produce more, you can quickly run out of time. Faced with a time crunch, you start to cut corners on visual appeal and video effects. You settle for less than what you want or know you can produce.

This tool lets you create customized video clips in minutes instead of hours or days. You don't have to settle for average.

Outsourcing your video production can get expensive

You can easily hire a production studio or freelancer to create your video clips. If you’ve ever done that, you know it can add up pretty fast, for the same reasons mentioned above. It takes time and skill, and you can’t get that for free.

The Rainmaker Video Tool gives you access to nearly 1,100 professional-quality, high-resolution video templates. Templates reduce your cost and time considerably, yet still provide a custom solution.

And, if you're doing a high volume of video content, you can still outsource the video efforts and cut your costs by thousands when you let a virtual assistant handle videos on the Rainmaker Video Tool.

Return on Investment

Even if you have an unlimited budget, it’s painful to spend, for example, $1000 on a short video and only get 25 views and no customers.

With our Rainmaker Video tool, the low cost per video makes it easy and affordable to experiment and test variations

Editing Takes Time

Once a video is made, it takes a lot of time to edit and re-render.

With the Rainmaker Video tool, you can preview your video with static images to see how it looks before you render it. If you don’t like the look, edit as needed until you’re happy.

The growing need for more video output

The days of one-and-done video creation are over. It used to be that you could make one video that could be used in various channels.

Every video distribution or social media channel for your business has slightly different needs. People respond differently on each media channel. Your video needs to cater to their tastes.

With the Rainmaker Video Tool, you can quickly create new short videos, or customize different aspects of a longer primary video that you plan to use across all channels. Our online animated video creator lets you create the following animated elements:



Lower Thirds

Animated Overlays


Complete short videos

Depending on the number of videos you need to create monthly, you can create all of these types of video animation elements for as little as a few dollars per video.

For more details and a Free Information Kit, just fill out the form at the upper right. We’ll get back to you within one business day.

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