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"I don't like Andre Palko's Small Business Rainmaker.


The recent Quick Tips article about business cards was a real eye opener for me, and I intend to reference that information in a future issue of my own newsletter! I Lee Gaylord Letterpress USAfind many of the marketing tips and customer service advice extremely helpful. And of course, the cartoons and Lighter Side provide a smile every time!

The "Rainmaker" is a quick read, if I want it to be. Or I can click through to read the full articles if they are of particular interest to me. I look forward to my weekly dose of Andre Palko.

In addition, Andre was an inspiration to me, as we developed our own newsletter format in the beginning. That newsletter has proven to be wildly popular among our own customer base, and has made cold calling a breeze!"

Lee Gaylord, Letterpress USA, Coeur D'Alene, ID

Inside the Small Business Rainmaker, you'll also read:

  • >Timely (sometimes quirky) stories from real people who tell honest tales of marketing successes and failures.
    (Like how a biker gang sipping Shirley Temples taught us the ugly truth about not understanding your customer.)

  • >Lessons from Us.
    (For example: How I learned more about marketing in one trip with a savvy cab driver than I could from most business coaches in a day.)

  • >Plus, you'll also learn from world-wide business and marketing experts as they weigh in on the latest small business marketing trends to keep you up-to-date.
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  • Mindmap Small Business Marketing
  • A mind map is an incredibly simple yet effective tool that we found can instantly restore focus to your marketing. a single 107 different marketing tasks fit into your business.

  • A mind map is perfectly suited to how our brain works.

  • Studies prove that visual cues and imagery help you store and remember many more important marketing ideas than you could using text alone.

  • Essentially, mind maps give your intuition (i.e., your brain’s sub-conscious processing power) more material to work with and to do so more effectively.

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