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Use this Customer Avatar worksheet to lay the foundation for exponential sales growth in your restaurant business.

1 - Attract more of the right customers to your restaurant

2 - Get them to come back more frequently

3 - Get them to spend more each time they return

restaurant customer avatar worksheet and example

Inside How to Create Your Customer Avatar, you get:

  • >A worksheet to guide you in creating your buyer personas
  • >A completed example of a buyer persona


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How to Create Your Own Customer Avatar - a Free Worksheet with Example

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The marketing tactics you shared with me took our small family-owned restaurant from zero at startup to well over $1 million annually. Honestly, I never expected to get to that level or do it so quickly. When we started out nine years ago, our accountant couldn't believe how well we were doing for a new venture. And we stayed at that level.

The best part is we did this on a shoestring budget, with no expensive newspaper or magazine advertising. And I manage to do it all in-house, with a personal computer and a small desktop printer. Thanks a million...literally!

Pat Palko
Pat Palko
Founder - Portofino Italian Grill