25 Simple Tips for Extraordinary Success in Business

Are you an entrepreneur working hard to grow your business, income, and influence?

Are you getting everything you want out of your business? Or is it giving you everything you DON'T want?

Secrets of Peak Performers shares critical WORK SMART strategies from successful entrepreneurs in Secrets of Peak Performersover 25 industries.

Included inside are personal and professional wealth creating insights that tackle important topics like sales & marketing, time management, innovation & change, managing and leading people, and much more. If you are truly committed to success, you will find yourself referencing this book time and time again

Just some of the highlights in your FREE copy of Secrets of Peak Performers in which industry leaders share, from their hearts, the keys to a life of Peak Performance.

  • 1From Fear to Faith by me, Andre Palko
    An overlooked resource that put me on the road to small business success.
  • 2Success is a Verb by Dan Kennedy
    How to achieve true productivity (not just activity) and the 9 factors that will get you there.
  • 3Overcoming Unproductive Behavior by Lee Milteer
    Do you feel like circumstances are getting the best of you? Here's how to get past those troublesome behaviors that are holding you back from the level of success you know you can achieve.
  • 4The 3 Ways I Know to Maximize Peak Performance by Bill Glazer
     Discover how Peak Performance techniques helped this business man grow an already-thriving business 850% in five years.
  • 5How to “Celebrity-ize” Your Business (and Yourself) for Instant Credibility and Star-Powered Publicity by Jordan McAuley
    10 ways to use the power of celebrity in your business from the author of the best-selling annual directory, Celebrity Black Book.

           ...and much more from 25 successful small business leaders in all types of industries.

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It’s important to find work that is meaningful to you, that you get good at, and that, the majority of the time, you enjoy doing – because there’s no way to achieve Peak Performance in anything without long hours of real, sleeves rolled up work.

Dan Kennedy Secrets of Peak Performers
Dan Kennedy
- Best-selling business author and serial entrepreneur