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What exactly is a stories video and why should you use them?

If you find that your social media engagement is declining, costs per lead are rising, or you’re your competitors just seem to be growing in popularity while you’re not, a lack of video content in general and vertical video content in particular could be a significant factor.

Allow me to explain.

Story videos, also called vertical videos, can increase your social media engagement and reduce your advertising costs, sometimes significantly.

I’ll also show you how to easily create vertical videos without needing any special video skills.

(If you prefer, you can watch the video below. It includes all the info below plus a short demo of how our vertical video maker app works.)


Online Vertical Video Maker Demo (Stories Video)

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The Big Mistake - Why Vertical Video Emerged

It’s a bit ironic that vertical videos started out as something of a mistake. People recording video with their phones, when they first got that capability, forgot to turn them sideways to record in the conventional landscape format—the “right” way (image below).

mobile video correct positionLandscape video - once considered the "correct" way to record

At the time, recording video in a vertical format was considered an amateur mistake. But that’s all changed. Here are a few factors behind the rise of, and the importance of, vertical video.

why vertical video happenedVertical video - once considered a mistake

Instagram (IG for short) started out as a mobile-only app. And since everyone tends to use their phone in a vertical format, IG’s news feed was designed around that.

IG Stories was a feature that they developed to let users post photos and videos that disappeared after 24 hours. And of course, it’s all geared to that 9:16 aspect ratio, which is essentially the format of a phone held in its normal vertical position.

Why Vertical Videos are Important to Marketers

We all probably agree that sharing images and photos is attention-getting and engaging, more so than just sharing text.

Yet according to digital video surveys from eMarketer, engagement for video stories is growing faster than for photos.

daily video consumption

As a result of this video uptrend, all the major social media platforms and online publishers are adding video content at a fast and furious pace and they’re giving it priority.

Another major factor is that mobile internet use is in an incredible uptrend, it accounts for over 60% of total internet searches today.

Snapchat also found that vertical is viewed 9 times more than horizontal on their platform.

Facebook discovered that brands that use vertical are considered more “innovative.” Vertical videos are more likely to be watched with sound because of that innovative mystique. Vertical and square videos also get more engagement in the form of clicks, likes, and shares.

Most importantly, vertical video also improves your bottom line.

One study from Buffer about Facebook found that vertical video ads cost per click was 26 – 38% less than on other platforms.

The same study found that advertising with IG Stories cost per click and cost per view was 30-50% less than regular ads in the Instagram feed (chart below). They also found that vertical video gets more engagement in the IG Feed.

Vertical Video on Instagram Feed vs Instagram Stories

In fact, the use of vertical is so widespread that the relatively new IGTV requires a vertical format, so it’s come a long way since people started using vertical video by mistake!

And it’s not just Instagram Stories where vertical is so popular. Facebook and Twitter today embrace vertical ads, too. Even YouTube, which until recently was mocked for the black bars that appeared on its vertical videos, has now vertical video capability.

And because the rise of mobile phones in internet usage is SO significant, it means that mobile-centric vertical format can’t be ignored.

(We discuss the equally important square video formats in our VideoAds Express.)

Right now, let’s talk about how StoriesXpress can help you regain social media standing and help you get more leads a lower cost.

How Vertical Video Gets More Leads at a Lower Cost

The thing about IG stories is that they disappear after 24 hours so you need to be able to quickly create new ones on a consistent basis. Now if you’ve done this kind of daily work on social media, you know it’s hard enough to keep up with image stories, never mind trying to churn out video stories one after the other.

StoriesXpress video templates helps you start and scale your video production without having to add new, skilled staff. You can do it with the people you have, right now. Turn out a steady stream of stories videos on a daily basis in just a matter of minutes.

Our templates are easy to use and to set up to help you maintain brand consistency by adding your own images, graphics, logos and colors.

StoriesXpress is also fully cloud based, so there are no worries about installation or software updates.

It’s as easy to use as posting to social media, so no video tech skills whatsoever are needed.

And unlike nearly all the other video platforms, there are NO limits to how many videos you can create with StoriesXpress.

All the videos also export in high resolution 1080 x 1920 format, which is the vertical 9:16 aspect ratio, vertically-held phone format.

Also, if you’re just starting out with video, you don’t need any of your own graphics, photos, images or videos to work with. Our vertical video creator has a built-in integration with Pixabay and Unsplash that allows you to select from millions of public domain images. In minutes you’ll be creating as many videos as you need.

Who Uses Vertical Videos?

Well, pretty much almost any kind of business you can think of, including photographers, salons, restaurants, real estate agencies, plumbers, dentists, accountants, retail stores, lawyers, gyms, roofers, contractors, ecommerce stores, B2B businesses and more.

They’re all using vertical videos to generate leads, to promote products and to increase their social media engagement because the format works so well.

Now let’s walk through how StoriesXpress works, it only takes a couple of minutes and I’m going to to show you how you can quickly create your own stories videos. The actual software demo starts at 5:40 in the video above.

As you’ll see in the stories video demo above, StoriesXpress is an extremely simple platform. No special skills needed. If you can work a laptop or a computer, you can create a story video.

You can get started today by clicking the Order button below.

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Questions About the StoriesXpress Vertical Video Maker?

If you have any questions, check out the Video Express FAQ page.

If you can't find the answer to your question, use the Contact Us form to let me know and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

The Rainmaker Express Video™ 30-Day 100% Performance Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied after using the StoriesXpress video app for up to 30 days, you can get a full and courteous refund of your first month’s subscription. And you can keep any videos you downloaded during that time.

Simply contact us before your 30 days are up, using the email address with which you registered and let us know you want to cancel and would like a refund.

After the 30-day Guarantee period, you can cancel your subscription at any time by contacting us with the email address with which you registered. There are no minimum contracts.

Subscriptions are pre-paid monthly, billed on the anniversary date of your purchase. For example, if you purchased on June 10th, you’ll be billed the 10th of each month. When you cancel on or after the 10th of any month, your account will remain active the remainder of that pre-paid month until your next anniversary date. There are no partial refunds after the initial guarantee period.

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Examples of Vertical Video in Business

Below are five examples of how stories-style video (vertical video) is being used for business marketing and promotion on Instagram and other social media channels.

Event Booking Vertical Video Promo Example

Travel Agency Vertical Video Promo Example

Chiropractor Vertical Video Example

Moving Company Vertical Video Example

Retail Store Sale Vertical Video Promo Example

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