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Video for Local Business and Ecommerce - Local Video Express

video for local business local video express

Do you feel like your local business isn’t getting as many leads or customers as it should? Perhaps your local community and even your competitors are growing while your business is standing still.

In this article I’ll show you how some simple tweaks to your local online marketing can get you more customers and make it easier for more prospects to find you faster.

Allow me to explain.

(Prefer video? Just watch the video below.)

If you run a local brick-and-mortar or service business, you naturally want to attract customers within a certain radius from your store or within your service area. Your online presence has a major influence on whether or not you’ll be found. That is, can your clients easily and quickly find your website, your social media pages, your online store and blog?


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Why Video is Great for Local Business

The good news is that local search engine optimization, or SEO, is easier to accomplish than national or international SEO. And video is one of the fastest ways to increase your local presence.

It’s proven in various studies that videos often get ranked within hours or days, versus text-based SEO which can take several weeks or several months.

More importantly, video has a positive return on investment:

  • 68% of YouTube users watch videos to help with purchase decisions
  • 50% of consumers seek out video about a product before purchasing
  • Product videos can increase purchases by up to 144%
  • Video can increase your organic traffic up to 157%

Another compelling feature about video is that customers also like to know what they can expect when they visit. Videos help them visualize the experience. Videos establish trust and make it more comfortable for them venture into the unknown—in this case, the unknown is your store or your shop.

How Can Your Local Business Use Video?

All of this makes video an obvious choice for any local company.

So, how exactly do local businesses use video? There are many ways. I’ll list a few quick ones here.

  • You can feature your products and services.

  • You can do product demos.

  • You can introduce your staff. This humanizes your business and makes it feel more personal.

  • You can spotlight good customers.

  • You can display customer testimonials.

  • You can show the neighborhood in which you’re located.

  • You can create video ads.

  • You can do FAQ videos to answer common questions from clients.

  • If your business does events, you can do videos of those events. And you don’t even need videos of the event. All you need is photos of the event and you can do short event videos with Local Video Express.

  • You can also show your company behind the scenes. People love to witness the inner workings of nearly every kind of business. For example, who wouldn’t want to see a restaurant kitchen in action on a busy night. Many people love manufacturing machinery in operation. Clips from artist performances attract customers to shows. Whatever happens behind the scenes is great for a video topic.

Barriers to Producing Your Own Videos Have Disappeared

It's true that producing a studio-quality video from scratch IS complicated and it takes time. A totally custom video also requires skilled help throughout, from creation to production to editing.

In recent years, you, video software made it easier to create do-it-yourself video. The only drawback was you'd have to learn video editing skills or you’d have to outsource the work. Costs add up quickly.

With Local Video Express, one of our online video maker apps, it's become even easier.

Anyone on your staff can create a wide range of great-looking professional videos. We do this by using pre-made templates and a simple online video editor that’s as easy to use as posting to social media. (If you want to skip directly to the Local Video Express demo, go to 5:55 in the video demo above.)

  • Customizable templates are simple to edit and help you maintain brand consistency.

  • Local Video Express is fully cloud based so there are no worries about installation or updates on your particular device.

  • And again, no video tech skills are needed.

  • In fact, with Local Video Express, all you need is photos to create a video as I mentioned before. And if you don’t have photos, you can select from millions of stock photos from Pixabay or Unsplash to fit your video. We have an integration that allows you to do that from within the app.

  • Also, unlike most other video platforms, there are NO limits to how many videos you can create with Local Video Express.

  • We currently have over 20 templates, any of which can be edited to include your photos and custom text. You can create your own series of templates.

  • You can customize all videos with your own branded colors, logos or graphics.

  • You can select from our assortment of music tracks. Or add your own music or narration track.

All videos export in a high resolution 1920 x 1080p or 1080 x 1080 square depending on the template, and either of those can be used on your website, blog, or any social media platforms.

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Who’s Using Local Videos to Promote Their Business?

All kinds of bloggers, video marketing agencies and social media advertisers use local video for themselves and clients.

But more importantly, any local business owner can easily harness the power of local video. Local businesses that use video include restaurants, real estate agencies, dentists, retail stores, accountants, lawyers, photographers, salons, gyms, roofers, plumbers, contractors, and more.

They’re all using a mix of videos to generate leads, promote products, increase social media engagement and increase revenues.

Is Local Video Express for Everyone?

If you’re an advanced do-it-yourself video creator, you might have high-end software like Adobe Premiere to work with, and you don't necessarily need an another app.

But, if you’re struggling to scale your video production, for yourself or for clients, Local Video Express can help you deliver a much higher volume in less time than it takes with Premiere or other similar apps. Local Video Express can be a valuable extra tool to help you get ahead. You can simply use one of your assistants and let them carry out the overload work.

So yes, it’s something to consider for nearly everyone who produces or wants to start producing engaging video content or who wants to scale their current video production.

How Local Video Express Works

To see a demonstration of Local Video Express, watch the video demonstration above. To get right to the software demo, skip to 5:55 in the video.

Once you watch the demo, you’ll see it’s a very simple but powerful entry level platform for video production. No special video skills are required.

You can use Local Video Express to boost your online presence and ultimately your revenues with a regular stream of short, simple videos.

You can get started today by clicking the Order button below.

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Questions About Using Video in Your Local Business?

Review the Rainmaker Video Express™ FAQ Page first.

If you can’t find an answer there, use the Contact Us form to email us and I’ll get back to you within one business day or so.

The Rainmaker Express Video™ 30-Day 100% Performance Guarantee

If for any reason whatsoever you are not satisfied with Local Video Express after using it for up to 30 days, you can get a full and courteous refund of your first month’s subscription. And you can keep any videos you downloaded during that time. Simply contact us before your 30 days are up, using the email address with which you registered and let us know you want to cancel and would like a refund.

After the 30-day Guarantee period, you can cancel your subscription at any time by contacting us with the email address with which you registered. There are no minimum contracts.

Subscriptions are pre-paid monthly, billed on the anniversary date of your purchase. For example, if you purchased on June 10th, you’ll be billed the 10th of each month. When you cancel on or after the 10th of any month, your account will remain active the remainder of that pre-paid month until your next anniversary date. There are no partial refunds after the initial guarantee period.

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Examples of Videos for Local Small Business

Below are seven examples of how local and online businesses use short videos in their marketing campaigns. Your use of video is only limited by your imagination.

The videos below were all created and customized with templates from Local Video Express.

All text and images can be edited.

Auto Repair Shop Video Example

Carpet Cleaning Company Video Example

Hair Salon Video Example

Lawn Maintenance Video Example

Restaurant Promo Video Example

Computer Repair Business Video Example

Painting Business Video Example

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