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How to Create and Use Digital Coupons for Sales Growth

When a Coca-Cola businessman created the first coupons in the late 1880s, he didn’t expect them to transform the retail...

5 Facebook Advertising Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes

When it comes to social media marketing, Facebook is one of the best advertising platforms in the market, with over 2 billion...

Where to Start with Digital Marketing

All too often we hear of people getting burned with their online marketing efforts.

6 Ways Video in Email Improves Your Response Rates

Email marketing is an important tool for every small business, generating great ROI and allowing you to communicate with your...

5 Tips to Attracting and Hiring the Best Employees

Hiring can seem like an overwhelming task for employers. There are several steps in the hiring process, and it can be quite...

How to Use Online Listings to Grow Your E-Commerce Sales

For e-commerce businesses it’s not always easy to engage with customers and encourage them to buy your product. There are...

7 Savvy Online Reputation Management Tips for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you want your potential customers to see good reviews and informative blog posts whenever they...

6 Costs of Hiring an Employee to Consider Before You Hire

The decisions that you make as a small business owner play a big role in your company’s growth. One of the most important...

Why Event Marketing Should Be Part of Your Small Business Strategy

Often small businesses tend to focus their marketing efforts on the digital world, with their website, SEO, and social media...


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