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Is it safe to generalize about customer loyalty among millennials? No. Especially when you consider the fact that according to the US Census bureau, the term “millennial” includes 83.1 million people born between 1981 to 2004. That number changes with who you ask. Pew Research, in an attempt to give some structure to generational nicknames for research purposes, fixes the millennial generation as born between 1981-1996.

Nevertheless, it’s vitally important to segment your customers in various ways, including by age. If millennials make up a big chunk of your business, it makes sense to get to know them better.

In examining customer segments like this, we ask questions about their consumer behavior in the hope of improving our marketing results.

The infographic below includes some of these questions along with data that can guide all your marketing efforts, not just those aimed at millennials.

It touches on several important millennial shopping behaviors and consumer preferences including:

bullet-green7 critical pieces of data you should collect about all your customers

bullet-greenMillennial consumer behavior online versus in-store. Did you know, for instance, that younger millennials are more likely to make an in-store purchase than online?

bullet-green3 effective ways to keep millennials loyal to your brand

As with any other customer segmentation effort, remember to distinguish between insight and generalization. Not every millennial is going to behave the same way or have the same preferences. That would be a faulty generalization.

Yet if you discover that a large percentage of this group prefers to shop in a way that you’re not addressing, that’s insight. You can do something about it to get better results from your marketing to millennials.

Check it out in the millennial marketing infographic below, courtesy of Revzi.

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How to Increase Customer Loyalty Among Millennial Consumers

how to increase customer loyalty among millennial consumers


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