why b2b marketing videos are effective

Years ago, before video marketing was the hot topic is today, I began creating B2B marketing videos for our company. The original intent was to sell a physical product in our rather obscure and tiny niche within the printing industry.

I soon discovered that not only was B2B video effective for selling, it was an ideal medium for inbound marketing content, customer service support, and sales support.


Our products were premium priced, and some were complicated. This meant some client education was required before they’d pull the trigger on a purchase. Video was perfect for this. And while an in-person demonstration was always effective, video was far less costly and equally effective.

Here are some of the ways we used video to grow revenues in our small business.

How-to videos attracted our target customer by solving problems in their shop. Those problems, of course, were indirectly related to the tools we sold. If a video solved one problem on a particular machine, they were much more open to us solving another which directly involved our products.

How-to videos could also be used by the in-house sales staff while talking to a client over the phone. It was an important visual aid in closing sales and was the next best thing to being there.

Demonstration videos made it easy for our prospects to understand precisely how our products worked and how they were to be installed on their machines.

Explainer videos offered ROI scenarios that justified their investment.

FAQ videos served a dual purpose. First, they provided additional background detail and how-to info during the consideration phase. Secondly, they reduced customer support inquiries after the purchase.

Testimonial videos increased trust and put the buyers at ease during the final consideration phase, substantially reducing friction in the purchase process.

Taken together, all these videos added credibility and strengthened trust in our product line and company.

Our B2B videos improved SEO on our blog and website.

This simple B2B video strategy proved to be remarkably effective and allowed us to operate and grow without an outside sales force.

B2B video marketing is still a powerful medium to use today, in any industry and for any size company.

Why B2B Marketing Videos Effectively Grow Revenues

Did you know that today, 70% of B2B buyers watch videos during their purchase research?

And 82% of B2B marketers consider their video marketing initiatives a success.

Our colleagues at One Productions, a corporate video production agency, offer B2B video statistics and outline the five significant benefits of B2B video in the video infographic below.

They also illustrate the nine types of video content that cover the full customer journey from awareness through final decision.

In addition, based on their video production experience, they discuss the five basic stages of an effective B2B video marketing campaign and talk about selecting a video style for your company.

The bottom line—because video marketing has a real-world impact for small businesses, it’s imperative for B2B marketers to incorporate video strategies in their marketing.

If you like the video graphic, please use the social buttons on the left to share with your colleagues. And if you have a video story or suggestion to share, let us know in the comments below!

how to use b2b marketing videos grow revenues



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