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Experts Discuss the Top Creative Restaurant Marketing Ideas to Attract More Customers in the Coming Months

How to Attract More Customers to My RestaurantIt’s a perennial question for restaurateurs in pursuit of restaurant marketing...

22 Easy Ways to Instantly Start Using Google Alerts for Lead Generation, Prospecting, Marketing, and Personal Branding

All the trending talk these days seems to be about bots and artificial intelligence (AI.) One bot that’s been around for years...

How to Get Marketing Ideas from Outside of the Box

One of my favorite and most successful marketing ideas came to me from a chiropractor. In fact, nearly all of the successful...

The Marketing Power of an Open Phone Event in a Digitally Distracted World

A recent “incident” on LinkedIn reminded me of the marketing power of the telephone. One of my new connections, Bruce Johnston,...

How 3 Unrelated Industries Can Help Your Local Small Business Avoid Losses

Do you have the courage to make your small business interesting, different, and creative? If you prefer the safety of your...

How to Start Thinking Like a Guerrilla Marketer

You might laugh at this, but I’ve heard small business owners—even successful ones—say they don’t do marketing. They claim they...

How to Use an Old-School Marketing Idea to Get Powerful Results

Are you looking for ways to get more customers, more repeat sales, and bigger average transactions? Then email should be part...

How to Get More Sales with a Sale that Doesn’t Look Like One

A sale—offering products at reduced prices—is a proven way to boost sales and cash flow in nearly any small business. It’s also...

How to Get More Customers with Free Marketing Info at Your Fingertips

If you want to get more customers from your local business area, here’s a source of leads you might not have considered. For...

How to Delight Customers and Make People Like You with 1 Easy Look

One day at my high school job in a college cafeteria, I found out my boss thought I was always angry or upset with him. He told...


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