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5 More Great Ways to Get More Business Done

This time of the year brings up a tough temptation for small business owners. I’m talking about the urge to slack off in the...

How to Escape the Hidden Enemy of Small Business Growth

As small business owners, we sometimes have days in which we run short of time, money, patience, or expertise. Resources...

May the 'Printing is Dead' Debate Rest in Peace

Several times a week I get emails with either the “print is not dead” theme or its opposite, “print is dead”. The latest...

What Marketing Statistics are Trending in YOUR Business?

Do you have a love-hate relationship with marketing statistics or numbers in your business? Numbers can solve a mystery,...

Do You Know the Answer to this Simple Business Question?

I recently saw a great marketing lesson acted out while having lunch with some friends at an outdoor café. The restaurant...

How Printers Helped to Create Content Marketing

There is always some shiny new marketing idea, media or strategy being presented as the next big thing. I admit I’m easily...

The Most Important Marketing Question for Your Business

I confess that the most important marketing concept of all came to me accidentally. It’s quite simple and it revolves...

Are You Making This Marketing Mistake With Your Customers?

While researching this article I ran some sales reports for our sister company that revealed some startling facts. They...

How to Eliminate Cold Calling from Your Sales and Marketing Tactics

If you want to liven up the conversation in a group of small business people, just mention that you love (or hate) cold...

Marketing Lessons from a Celebrity Cab Driver

The best small business marketing lessons often come to me through my own customer experiences that are either very good or...


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