I have worked with Small Business Rainmaker and found them to be very professional to work with. Great methodical approach.

No problem recommending them!

Owner of BizProfitPro.

Marv White Bizprofitpro
Marv White
Business Advisor, Mergers and Acquisitions, Broker

I received my video with all I asked for within 3 days. Outstanding, professional and right on target for my business.

I would recommend using their service, great value for an amazing price. If I had tried to do this on my own it easily would have taken me 5 times longer and cost me so much more.

Ina Masten
Ina Masten
Masten Solutions - Founder and Owner

I am so thankful for what you did! I value and respect your opinion and the fact that you are helping new business. I really appreciate your help [with video]. Look forward to reading your book. Thank you and God bless.

Brenda Leapai
Brenda Leapai
Small Business Startup