Thank You for Your CareerBrandVideos™ Purchase!


What to Expect with Your CareerBrandVideos™ Purchase

Within a few minutes, you'll receive a copy of your receipt along with an important welcome email that includes links to download the following three documents:

  1. CareerBrand Videos™ Worksheet
  2. CareerBrand Videos™ Video Submission Form
  3. CareerBrand Videos™ Video Promotion Strategy and How-To Guide

Allow up to 15 minutes for the welcome email to arrive.


If you don't see the welcome email after 15 minutes or so, please check your Junk, Bulk Mail or Spam folder. In Gmail, be sure to look under the "Promotions" tab.

Make sure you whitelist "Andre [-at-]". The simplest way to do that is to add me to your email contact list in your email client.

Step One - Before doing any work, read through both the Worksheet and Submission form. Set aside the How-To guide until after you receive your finished videos.

Step Two - Answer the questions on the Worksheet to the best of your ability.

Step Three - Fill out the Video Submission Form PDF and return to us via email. Detailed instructions are included in the form and worksheet.

Questions or Problems?

Andre-headshot-200Use the Contact Us form or simply reply to the welcome email.

I'll get back to you, usually within one business day.

Dedicated to your small business success,

Andre Palko
Founder and Editor
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