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Sorry, we're no longer accepting guest blog articles.

As of Jan. 6, 2020, we're no longer accepting guest posts on our blog.

We're looking for articles from small business owners or managers like yourself, to publish on our fast-growing Small Business Rainmaker marketing blog. In return you get a short bio with a valuable back link to your website. You also get extra exposure through regular sharing of your post on our social media channels.

Some good topics to write about include:

Video marketing and video content

Lessons learned from success or failure

Personal struggles or business obstacles overcome

Specific tips for your business niche

Customer service tips

Business process management

Business systems

Marketing and sales tactics

Personal development practices that helped you in your business

Pricing strategies

Content marketing


eCommerce sales growth

Target marketing

Business process improvement

Personalized content marketing

Protecting your online reputation

Success and productivity habits

Practical tips on how to get more customers

Standard operating procedures

Practical tips on how to start a business (from your experience or backed up with real-life stories and data)

Visual content marketing, such as infographics, charts, videos, and slideshows

We prefer articles that stem from your personal experience as a business owner or manager which are helpful in nature. Prefer first-person point of view.

But if you're a freelance writer, we'll look at your work too. In this case, we like articles that establish authority in the small business marketing or operations niche. Include reputable statistics and sources to back up your points.

If you think it could help other small business owners, we want to hear about it!

Article Requirements

bullet-green15Article length: Minimum 800 words, no maximum. Prefer 1,000+ words. We do minor editing as needed. We'll supply images.

bullet-green15Original articles only. No duplicate content that's already been published elsewhere.

bullet-green15Must be good, high-quality English that doesn't require a lot of editing.

bullet-green15We reserve the right to edit as needed.

bullet-green15Articles accepted for publication become the property of the Small Business Rainmaker and cannot be published elsewhere without permission.

bullet-green15If you submit an article, we respond within 4 days to let you know whether or not we'll use it.

bullet-green15 Links included in the article must NOT be promotional in nature and should support the topic. We do not allow links to home pages, landing pages, or sales pages and will automatically remove them unless we feel it's relevant. Links to blog posts, case studies, surveys, and white papers that support the topic may be permitted.

bullet-green15No need to add internal links to our blog. We do that on our end.

bullet-green15Anchor text for the back link must be relevant to the topic. For example, if the article is about "lead generation," you can't use "car dealer" as an anchor text.

We reserve the right to edit or remove, without notice, any links in the article.

bullet-green15 Backlink URLs - Website URLs used in the article must have readily accessible contact information, including business name, physical address, and phone number. We only want to deal with real, reputable companies.

bullet-green15No sponsored posts please. We do not charge you to publish guest articles. However we don't accept sponsored posts (in which you pay for a link.)

Author Requirements

bullet-green15Must submit a valid social media profile for yourself, not for a business. LinkedIn preferred but we also accept Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

bullet-green15Head shot photo required. No stock or fake photos. (We check.)

bullet-green15Short bio required, up to about 50 words. You get one do-follow back link in your bio. The website URL in this link must contain business contact info including name, physical address and phone number.

Examples of Articles

Below are three examples that demonstrate how to write a relevant article without being promotional. You'll notice each author is contributing in their field of expertise, but the article is not about promoting their business.

The CEO of a publishing company talking about writing your business book

A shipping company CEO writing about logistics

An attorney writing about trademark registrations for businesses

To write for the Small Business Rainmaker marketing blog simply send your topic idea, outline, or synopsis to us via the Contact Us form at the upper right. Our editor will be in touch as soon as possible.

You're welcome to include the full article, too. To include the article, use a link to your article (such as on One Drive or Google Docs.)



* Privacy Policy - We respect your privacy and will never sell or share your information with anyone. 

Guest blog articles are no longer accepted.

We no longer accept guest posts. Thanks for stopping by.


The marketing tactics you shared with me took our small family-owned restaurant from zero at startup to well over $1 million annually. Honestly, I never expected to get to that level or do it so quickly. When we started out nine years ago, our accountant couldn't believe how well we were doing for a new venture. And we stayed at that level.

The best part is we did this on a shoestring budget, with no expensive newspaper or magazine advertising. And I manage to do it all in-house, with a personal computer and a small desktop printer. Thanks a million...literally!

Pat Palko
Pat Palko
Founder - Portofino Italian Grill