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Video Maker App for Business Special Combo Offer

If you’re interested in video marketing, and especially if you’re a do-it-yourself video person who creates videos for yourself or clients, you’ll want to read this.

I’m sure you know that video today is essential to any given marketing plan. But it takes the right tools to produce professional videos and to do it fast.

This week you have a chance to get access to two video maker apps to help you create videos fast, and to get both for the price of one.

Allow me to explain.

video app special offer March

First, I’ve been using the Viddyoze Template Club since they first started up a few years ago. Their templates really helped me take my own and other’s projects to another level. The video clips below give you an idea of the unique clips you or your staff can create even if you have zero video skills.


I also recently acquired a license to offer access to this app to up to 10 people under the name Rainmaker Video App. I'd like to offer it to more people, but that's all the license seats they allow per agency.

Secondly, I recently introduced VideoAds Connect™, an online video ads and video content creation platform. It’s the perfect companion to go with the Viddyoze app. Here's an overview of that video maker.

You can see many more video examples and get details here on VideoAds Connect™. (But come back here for your combo pricing!)

If purchased separately, the combined subscription price is $74/month. Now that’s an excellent price considering that between the two apps, you can create an unlimited number of videos per month.

However, because I pay an annual fee for my resale license, the bottom line is I don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to fill those ten seats. As of this writing, I have 7 spots left.

So, to fill the remaining seats, I’m offering access to both apps for only $47/month.

Free  Video App Trial

Plus, you can try it out for FREE for 10 days.

Just enter the Promo code  VIDEO2X on the checkout page. (Promo code is case sensitive.)

Order Both Video Apps Here

What You Get with the Rainmaker Video App (Viddyoze)

Here’s a short recap of what you get with this app:

» Live action animations. Unique in DIY video apps, these animations, like the ones you can see above, let you create complex live action shots with your own images and graphics. This feature alone is worth it if you use nothing else.

» Logo animations  If you’re a graphic designer, printer, marketing consultant/agency, web designer or freelancer, logo animations are a perfect up-sell or stand-alone product. You've already created a logo. Adding a video animation of their logo is even easier and only takes a few minutes.

» Nearly 1400 templates currently available to you with more added every month. As far as I can tell, this unlimited access is NOT otherwise available.

» Over 30 extended length commercial-style promos, 30-60 seconds or more in length, that let you create ready-made ads, promos or content videos for yourself or your clients.

» Up to 100 video renders/month.

What You Get with VideoAds Connect™

With this VideoAds Connect™ you get the following:

» An unlimited number of video renders.

» 100 customizable video promo/video content templates. Edit all text, images and music as needed.

» Integration with Facebook and YouTube pages—upload your finished videos direct to these platforms right from the VideoAds Connect™ platform.

Neither platform requires ANY video skills. If you can operate a computer or smart phone, you or your staff can start creating professional videos today.

Who Should or Shouldn't Use These Video Apps?

Anyone can use either platform without the need for video skills. It's ideal for solopreneurs, freelancers or small businesses who want to be involved in producing their own videos.

They're intuitive apps that don't require any instruction. Simply select a template, edit the text, add your own images or graphics, and select a music track from the library. In a few minutes you have a new professional video.

Of course, you can extract more value if you have some minor video editing skills. For example, logo animations and stingers could be created and then added to the video promos you create in either app, or to videos that already exist. Nevertheless, you can still produce as many videos as you need without any video editing skills.

If you’re an advanced video creator and already use software like Adobe Premiere or Camtasia, you don’t necessarily need these apps. But even so, both apps are great additional tools that can help you scale video production.

I have Premiere and Camtasia plus quite a few other online video making apps. But, that’s me. I tend to go overboard and have lots of tools in my toolbox! They’re a huge time-saver for me, and I do a lot of video work.

Video as Additional Revenue Source – Something to Think About!

Your subscription to our Rainmaker Video Apps includes a license to re-sell any videos you create at any price you want. If you haven’t thought about selling videos—and before you say “no” to the idea—here are a few examples of the types of businesses in which video fits perfectly into the product mix.

  • Graphic designers
  • Web designers
  • Commercial and quick printing companies
  • Screen printers
  • Marketing consultants
  • Marketing agencies
  • Freelancers

It’s especially easy for graphics-related businesses to add video services. Your clients think of video as one more graphical element and they already trust you with their design work.

Customized short videos like the ones you can create here typically go for $50-$100 each, so it takes little effort to recoup your investment. Videos can also be used as an up-sell or as a bonus to other products you currently sell.

If you’re in any of the above business niches, you can easily add video services to your product mix.

Don't forget to use Promo Code VIDEO2X [it's case sensitive] to get your Free 10 Day trial period.

Order Both Video Apps Here

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Performance Guarantee

To cancel your Free trial, just reply to the welcome email with your request before the 10 days are up.

Plus, any videos you create during your Free trial are yours to keep and use forever!

Once payments begin after your free trial, you can cancel your subscription at any time for any reason, or no reason whatsoever.

Once payments begin, each payment is pre-payment for the upcoming month. After your free trial, there are no full or partial refunds once payments begin.

To start your risk-free subscription to this Video App Special Combo, go here or click the button.

Remember, as I write this, only 7 spots are remaining for this combo offer and it's first come, first serve.

Don't forget to use Promo Code VIDEO2X [it's case sensitive].

Order Both Video Apps Here