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profitable tools for small business

Video Maker App for Business Special Combo Offer

If you’re interested in video marketing, and especially if you’re a do-it-yourself video person who creates videos for yourself or clients, you’ll want to read this.

Video Ads Maker for Profitable Video Promos | VideoAds Connect™

So, I’ve been talking to a lot of business owners about video ads and video marketing content. What I hear from them paints a different picture than what video marketing statistics indicate.

CareerBrandVideos™ for Job Search, Career and Entrepreneurs | Personal Branding Video

Maybe you’ve thought about using video for your job search, or career, or small business, but you decided it’s not right for you. You may have what you think are very good reasons to steer clear of it:

Vertical Video Maker for Instagram and Social Media - StoriesXpress

What exactly is a stories video and why should you use them?

If you find that your social media engagement is declining, costs per lead are rising, or you’re your competitors just seem to be growing in popularity while you’re not, a lack of video content in general and vertical video content in particular could be a significant factor.

How to Create Video for a Facebook Cover - HeaderVid Express

You may not know this, but it’s possible to use a video as your company’s Facebook profile cover. In this article I explain why video Facebook covers are a good option, well worth using. I also show you how to easily create them without needing any special video skills.

Video for Local Business and Ecommerce - Local Video Express

Do you feel like your local business isn’t getting as many leads or customers as it should? Perhaps your local community and even your competitors are growing while your business is standing still.

Slideshow Video Maker - PresenterVid Express

What is a slideshow video and why should your business use them?

Square Video App for Business - VideoAds Express

You’ve probably seen a lot of square videos on social media like the examples below. Did you ever wonder—why square?

BizProfitPro Express Coaching™ for One Year

If you’re interested in getting faster and better results in your small business, you’ll love the BizProfitPro Express Coaching ™ program for three reasons.

Profitable Pricing Methods

Dozens of studies have shown that we humans seem to be powerless over psychological factors that affect our behavior towards prices. These deep-seated price persuaders include "anchoring," psychological biases, heuristics (mental shortcuts), and our sense of "fairness."