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Local Social Link™ - Visual Marketing Campaigns for Local Business

Local Social Link visual content campaigns for Facebook

If you own a local business, in other words, if your customers come from a defined geographic radius, one of the best ways to stand out among your local competitors is probably right at your fingertips.

If you're here because you watched a webinar, skip the text and scroll down to select your niche.

For in-depth details on how our Local Social Link™  campaigns work and why they are so effective, go here to watch the webinar.

The tool at your fingertips I’m referring to is your Facebook company page, also called a Facebook business page. Facebook is the first place many consumers turn to for local business, even in a Google-dominated world.

The reason is that Google search results are fairly anonymous—we don’t know the people making the recommendations we see.

However, Facebook prioritizes search results by how much our friends and connections have engaged with a local business. Those get listed first. That’s the whole point of Facebook company pages, to help you find local businesses that you can trust because your friends and family are happy with them.

And that’s the incredible power of a Facebook company page as a tool for local business. It can be part of one of the best types of marketing strategies for local businesses.

Visual content campaigns that post every day to your Facebook business page are proven to make you stand out in local search, get you more online referrals, get more engagement and repeat sales from current customers, and get more customers in the door.

Local Social Link™ is a system we developed specially for local businesses. It delivers a solid, hands-free visual marketing campaign to make your customers think of you when they need your product or service.

Below is a list of the local business niches for which we’ve created Local Social Link™ campaigns.

To order, simply click on the image for your business.

If you don’t see your business niche listed, you’ll want to consider the daily Motivational Quotes or the National Days campaigns. Either one works in any industry.

Note: the images below are all low-resolution screenshots. Your final professional product is delivered in high-resolution format sized perfectly for social media posting.

Every image also includes a related text blurb.


accountants local social link


Auto Repair Shops

auto repair shop local social link


Cannabis Dispensaries

cannabis dispensary local social link



chiropractors local social link


Cleaning Companies

cleaning companies local social link


Coffee Shops

coffee shops local social link



dentists local social link


Donut Shops

donut shops local social link



electricians local social link


Eyelash Salons

eyelash salons


Hair Salon

hair salon local social link


HVAC Companies

HVAC companies local social link


Insurance - Auto

insurance auto


Insurance - Home

home insurance local social link


Insurance - Life

life insurance local social link



landscapers local social link


Nail Salon

nail salon local social link



orthodontists local social link


Personal Trainers

personal trainer local social link


Pest Control Services

pest control local social link



plumbers local social link


Real Estate Businesses - Realtors and Agencies

real estate local social link


Restaurants - Italian

italian restaurants local social link


Restaurants - Mexican

mexican restaurants local social link


Restaurants - Pizza

pizza restaurants local social link


Restaurants - Breakfast (Diners)

breakfast restaurants and diners local social link



roofers local social link



spas local social link



veterinarian local social link


Yoga Studios

yoga studios local social link


National Days (Unique and Popular National Holidays)

national days local social link


Motivational Quotes

motivational quotes local social link