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Whatever is plaguing your small business, our customized-for-you business coaching sessions will get you past the road blocks keeping you from growing and loving your business.

One of the best things I ever did to get “unstuck” from business problems and really start growing my businesses was to work with small business coaches.

Sure, I bought books and courses from the best business coaches out there. (I still do.) That sort of actionable step got us off to a great start but more importantly, introduced me to the incredible power of business coaching.

Through the years I was fortunate to have many personal, one-on-one conversations in various coaching groups. These gave me moments of enlightenment I would not have otherwise gotten.

There’s a power when two or more minds get together that you simply can’t get when you’re brainstorming alone.

In hindsight I would have hired a business coach much sooner than I did.

I’ll never forget one casual 10-minute lunch conversation I had with a speaker at a coaching group I’d just joined. It was my first meeting in my first group. He was a chiropractor by trade but he loved marketing. I was in the printing industry.

By the time lunch was done I had a sales letter that generated over $50,000 in sales in the next few weeks. That was huge for our fledgling business. (See why I’d wish I’d started sooner!)

I was able to repeat and continue that kind of success in the following years as a direct result of business coaching services and the one-to-one conversations that were part of the process. It’s why one of our companies made it to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies.

Do You Feel Stuck with One or More Business Problems?

So, although our business was constantly growing at a pretty good clip, there were still occasional periods in which I felt stuck and in need of business advice.

Sometimes I simply needed a new perspective. There were times where I felt I was drowning in a sea of marketing and sales tactics that didn’t seem to get us anywhere.

Perhaps you feel this way, too.

After my first awesome experience with coaching, I didn’t hesitate to reach out. Of course, my success coaches got me past those problems. They re-instilled focus and clarity.

Which brings me to my point about our new Rainmaker Strategy Sessions™...

bullet-green15If you’re feeling stuck in growing your small business, we can help you.

bullet-green15If you’re suffering with business strategy myopia and you can’t get clear vision on a particular issue, we can help.

bullet-green15If you’re overwhelmed with tactics and aren't sure what to implement, we can help.

bullet-green15 If you simply want to brainstorm with a small business colleague who's seen a lot, then we can help!

Small Business Coaching Services - Get Unstuck with the Rainmaker Strategy Sessions

We now offer 60-Minute, customized-for-you, Small Business Rainmaker Strategy Sessions™.

This mini-consulting service is designed specifically to help small business owners like you get unstuck from the marketing, sales, or operational problems that are holding you back.

And we’ve arranged it so you can schedule exactly what you need to get unstuck, whether it’s one session or multiple sessions. There’s no long-term commitment.

How the Rainmaker Strategy Session Works

It works like this:

1 - You purchase your session. Simply click one of the green order buttons below. (If you’re not sure you’re ready for a session, sign up for our weekly newsletter. It’s a great way for us to get to know each other a little better. Or get in touch via the Contact Us form.)

2 - The moment your purchase is complete, you're taken to a page where you can schedule a convenient phone appointment using our online calendar. You'll also download a short questionnaire about what you hope to accomplish in our session. (You'll also get an email with all this information in case you prefer to schedule your call later.)

3 - We meet via phone for our appointed Strategy Session and come up with an action step for your problem. Plus, you get to pick my brain for 60 minutes.

4 - I follow up via email to see how you’re doing.

What’s Involved in the Strategy Session?

Your Strategy Session is a one-off, let's-get-some-work-done event. It is not a sales pitch for extended coaching or anything else.

It's simply an opportunity to get together and help you get unstuck from your particular problem.

Before our meeting, I’ll review your answers to the short questionnaire. If needed, I’ll email you other preliminary questions prior to our meeting.

When you come to the session, we’ll be prepared to get you unstuck.

What Result Can I Expect From a Rainmaker Business Strategy Session?

You leave with clear action steps to get you closer to your goal or to solving your problem. My follow-up email provides some extra accountability—we want you to get things done.

If you feel the need, you can always schedule additional sessions to keep you on track.

My Areas of Small Business Expertise

The topic and goal of our session is entirely up to you. We can talk about anything related to your life as a small business owner. The point is to help you reach your next goal or to overcome a stubborn problem.

Some areas of expertise are listed here, but we’re not limited to these:

bullet-green15Cross Media Promotion (Social + Print + Direct Mail)

bullet-green15Using Technology to Streamline and Automate Your Business

bullet-green15Small Business Marketing – Inspirational Ideas and Methods of Implementation

bullet-green15Small Business Strategy

bullet-green15Blogging and Article Writing

bullet-green15How to Create Content That Attracts Your Ideal Customer, No Matter What Niche or Industry You're In

bullet-green15B2B Marketing

bullet-green15Restaurant Marketing

bullet-green15Visual Content Creation and Marketing

bullet-green15Profitable Pricing

bullet-green15Business Process Improvement

bullet-green15Video creation

bullet-green15Video Marketing

bullet-green15Local Business Strategy and Marketing

If you’re ready to get unstuck from a stubborn business problem, or you just want some solid brainstorming, then a Rainmaker Strategy Session™ can help.

Our goal with each session is to deliver 10X your investment (or more.)

Here’s How to Order

Simply click the button underneath the Strategy Session option you prefer.

3 Sessions - $795 ($90.00 Off)

Get 3 one-hour sessions, plus preparation and followup. For issues that need more extensive coverage than  you can get in 1 or 2 sessions.

Order 3 Strategy Sessions - 180 Minutes Total


2 Sessions - $549 ($41 Off)

Get 2 one-hour sessions, plus preparation and followup.

Order 2 Strategy Sessions - 120 Minutes Total


1 Session - $295

Get 1 one-hour session, plus preparation and followup. We work on a subject of your choosing.

Order 1 Strategy Session - 60 Minutes


Get “unstuck” today from your business problems with a powerful Rainmaker Strategy Session™.

Order today and we’ll get right to work on a goal of your choice.

Find clarity and direction to get you where you want to be.


Please use the Contact Us form to send me any questions you have.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

BBB logoYou can cancel and get a 100% refund as long as you cancel within 7 days of your purchase and at least 24 hours in advance of your meeting time. No refunds on the 8th or subsequent days, or within 24 hours of a scheduled meeting. Refunds are processed within 5 business days from the date of request. You can read our full Terms and Conditions here.

Requests for refunds for Strategy Sessions must be made in writing via email on our Contact Us form. Or you can reply to the Coaching Services/Strategy Sessions confirmation email you received with your original purchase.

If you can’t make the originally scheduled day—I know, stuff happens—we can easily re-schedule at another convenient time.

Dedicated to Your Small Business Success,

Andre Palko Editor the Small Business Rainmaker

Andre Palko
Founder and Editor
the Small Business Rainmaker