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Why Event Marketing Should Be Part of Your Small Business Strategy

Often small businesses tend to focus their marketing efforts on the digital world, with their website, SEO, and social media...

Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing: Which Makes the Most Sense?

Digital marketing has grown in popularity in the past decade, to such an extent that startups need to have an efficient...

Should Marketers Rely on Non-Electronic Word-of-Mouth Marketing Today?

Word-of-mouth (WOM), which is usually attributed to buzz marketing, is a traditional method of spreading information and...

Marketing Your Stigmatized Product with Cross-Channel Resilience and Creativity

If your primary product is one that many people do not understand or have preconceived notions about, you’re fighting an...

The Essential Dos and Don’ts of a Product Launch Event

While it may not seem like it at the moment (particularly if this is your first time hosting one), planning a product launch...

How to Prevent Customers Using Your Store as a Showroom

If you ask a small business owner to compile a list of the challenges they face, you’re most likely to hear about employee...

How the Sensory Power of Branded Merchandise Can Grow Your Business

Relatively overlooked by many businesses, but making all the difference when used right, branded merchandise can be a...

6 Types of Corporate Events to Revive Interest for Your Brand

To succeed and stay top-of-mind in any industry, you must know how to connect with your market. Showing you care and...

Key Elements of Cross-Channel Marketing with Campaign Examples

Cross-channel marketing is the coordinated use of multiple media to deliver brand messages to the consumer as well as...

Event Sponsorship: Your Brand’s Secret to Fame and More Customers

Event sponsorship can power other critical marketing efforts and gets quick results, which makes it a secret weapon of small...


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