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Need More Clients? 7 Ways Writing a Business Book Can Help You Succeed

My clients are respected business leaders and experts who come to me because they know there are many people throughout the...

Print Marketing: Still a Great Way to Advertise Small Local Business

Print marketing is still a viable way to market your small business. Why? You are marketing your small company to people in...

How to Choose the Right Printed Labels So They Work for Your Business, Not Against It

If your business sells physical products, then you know how important it is for consumers to have clear and concise information...

How to Make the Best Use of a Printed Product Catalog for Your Business

It is no hidden fact that catalogs are used as marketing tools by businesses to attract new clients and boost their overall...

Does Your Custom Product Packaging Cover All These Basics?

In the excitement of introducing a new product, custom product packaging might almost be an afterthought. After all, it’s all...

4 Immediate Ways to Use Video to Grow Your Printing Business or Graphic Design Company

If you own or manage a commercial printing or quick copy business, or are a graphic designer, and you’d like to increase your...

Print Marketing Materials on a Budget: DIY Tips and Tricks

You own a small business and you need printed marketing collateral. You have some great ideas for your business cards, flyers,...

Offline Marketing Ideas That Still Bring in the Bucks

Offline marketing seems like something that has no place in today’s world. With all the technology and advanced marketing...

Are Business Cards Dead or Are They Still Relevant?

You gotta love statistics. I recently read two articles about the importance of printed business cards. One said business cards...

The Key to Sales Growth That Lies Hidden in Your Product Packaging

With the constant bombardment of marketing messages in business, where everyone is screaming for attention, how do you rise...


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