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How to Transform a Management Meeting into a Purposeful Experience

Generally, a meeting is considered successful if it achieves tangible results. Is it time to stop focusing on the outcome...

The Trademark Timeline for Small Businesses

Small business owners should begin the trademark process as soon as possible. Start by selecting a unique name. It is...

Small Business Hacks: 4 Ways to Engage Your Work from Home Employees

More businesses have been expanding their workforce with work-at-home employees. Remote employees allow a company to grow...

The Concept of Business: Working In It vs. Working On It

Let me ask you a question. As a small business owner, how many times throughout the day do you tell yourself: “If you want...

5 Common Financial Mistakes Small Business Owners Want to Avoid

According to the Small Business Administration, 50% of small businesses fail within five years and approximately one-third...

How Your Choice of Business Structure Affects Long-Term Income and Liability

Aside from what business you actually plan to do, arguably the most important decision you have to make about your start-up...

6 Steps to Becoming an Eco-Friendly Business

With landfills overflowing and our oceans choked with plastic, environmental responsibility has become a more pressing...

6 Steps to Promote Better Cyber Security Awareness in Your Business

It doesn’t matter how impenetrable your security infrastructure is if you haven’t also taken steps to safeguard the human...

Digital Hygiene Checklist: How Clean Is Your Organization?

How clean is your business? I’m not talking about whether or not you employ cleaning staff at your office. I’m speaking...

7 Key Ways to Refine Employee Training and Development

Did you know that training and development programs are among the benefits that young professionals value most? In order to...


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