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Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar retailer or a B2B company, you’ve likely noticed the boom in ecommerce as we move towards a more digital society. Consumers are making more frequent and significant purchases online — and here’s proof:

•    Two-thirds of Americans have made at least one online purchase in the last month. (Adtaxi)
•    By 2040, various studies project that 95% of purchases will be made online. (Nasdaq)

The demand for online shopping is high, and businesses will need to step up their game to survive and thrive in such a high-growth, global ecommerce market.

Shipping times are shorter, technology is smarter, and customer service is better. So, how will businesses respond?

Online Shopping Trends and Ecommerce Statistics

The following online shopping infographic from Wikibuy covers 26 must-know online shopping statistics for 2019.

These online shopping facts will give you an awareness of what’s going on today. It's especially helpful to note how consumers behave when they’re shopping online.

— What attracts them to your website?

— What do they hate most during checkout?

— What makes them abandon your website or shopping cart mid-purchase?

Use this awareness of online shopping trends to craft the perfect small business ecommerce strategy for the coming year. The graphic also includes actionable steps you can apply to improve your online store and boost your ecommerce sales growth.

bullet-green155 ways to maximize the online customer journey

bullet-green153 reasons why social media is growing in ecommerce importance

bullet-green153 ways to elevate your video marketing efforts

bullet-green154-step customer service strategy

bullet-green15The 4 types of coupons that are working

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online shopping facts ecommerce statistics 2019


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