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Brick-and-mortar retail psychology and online shopping psychology have many buying behaviors in common. Granted, probing the human mind will probably never be an exact marketing science. Yet the research illustrated below provides plenty of insight into consumer psychology that translates into dollars and cents for your small business.

How to Give Yourself the Edge in Retail and Online Marketing with Consumer Psychology

This infographic on Shopper’s Psychology Online & Offline, from consumer product review site, sheds light on some of the things we do as consumers inside local small businesses as well as in our ecommerce excursions. The consumer behavior statistics below should do two things for you:

1 – they’ll make you a smarter shopper and more importantly,

2 – they’ll make you a better marketer in your retail or online outlet.

Some of the consumer behavior examples illustrated in this infographic include:

bullet-green  The decision-making process in the human brain and how small businesses can use that to craft a more powerful marketing message.

bullet-green  The impact of visuals on retail buyer behavior.

bullet-green  How to attract the buyer you want with specific color palettes.

bullet-green  Surprising effects of music on shopper purchases.

bullet-green  Signs—reasons why they’re still a compelling retail marketing tool.

bullet-green  10 scents and how they can attract customers to your store and get them to buy more. For instance, do you know what scents make customers browse longer?

bullet-green  Top 10 psychological factors affecting a shopper’s decision to buy.

bullet-green  The 6 general types of shopper personas.

bullet-green  Several examples of how the top brands use visuals, sounds, and scents to increase revenues.

So take a look at the “psychographic” below to discover how you can get an edge in your retail and online marketing. If you like it, be sure to share using the social buttons on the left.

We also welcome your comments below.

How to Give Yourself the Edge in Retail Online Marketing with Consumer Psychology


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