custom product packaging basics

In the excitement of introducing a new product, custom product packaging might almost be an afterthought. After all, it’s all about creating a great product that’s going to satisfy your customer.

Yet product packaging and presentation is a vivid demonstration of the role of print marketing and packaging design.

Why Does Custom Product Packaging Matter So Much?

These product presentation statistics paint a picture of the sales growth potential in your product’s packaging.

  • 75% of consumers between 18-25 share a photo of product boxes on social media if it has “premium” packaging.
  • 40% of consumers share pictures of their online order on social media when it comes in a unique or gift-like box.
  • 83% of them share photos of unique product packages on Facebook.
  • And most importantly, 52% of buyers are likely to make repeat purchases online when their order is delivered in high-quality premium packages.

9 variables to consider when designing your custom product packaging

Your product’s box isn’t just a box. It instantly appeals to the consumer’s senses in multiple ways.

Because of this multi-sensory appeal, it’s a unique opportunity to make an unforgettable impression with a new customer and forge a bond for a life-long relationship.

The nine areas of your products’ package, outlined in the infographic below, should be fully explored to get maximum impact from your packaging and displays.

6 product packaging design tips

Aside from making a strong connection with your customer, there are six additional practical considerations to keep in mind.

For example, if your product ships internationally, it must be designed to withstand international shipping via air, sea, and land routes. Some of these shipping methods expose your packaging to severe, repeated stress.
It does no good to design an intriguing box that customers love, only to have it destroyed enroute.

The product packaging infographic from Bracken Foam Fabricators illustrates these tips and more.

If you like the infographic, be sure to share with your print and packaging colleagues. And if you have a product packaging tip, include it in the comments below.

Make product packaging presentation a priority


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